“Being a part of a legendary Girl Group of the Sixties was a dream come true for me! For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be an entertainer, as was my father when I was a child, and my mother who played the piano and organ for a church choir.  My father played the guitar, as well as the violin, which was his passion. Back when I was six my father began taking me to his performances where I sang and danced while he and his band performed.  Even at that young age, “I realized the joy that singing brought to people.”

These are the words of June Monteiro, a true fabric of THE TOYS. In 1965 THE TOYS topped the charts for six weeks with “A Lover’s Concerto,” whose instrumental track is based on a classical piece by Bach.  The Group followed “A Lover’s Concerto” with a second hit, “ATTACK”.  Through the ups and downs of her life, June has always remained in the Entertainment Industry.

At the age of 11, June Monteiro met Barbara Parritt, who was then age 13. When June reached age 13 she met Barbara Harris and Betty Stokes; soon forming a Singing Group while attending Middle School. They named their Group “THE CHARLETTES” and became Session Singers recording Background Demo Vocals for Neil Diamond, Barbara Chandler, Diana Renay and Many More. “THE CHARLETTES” eventually became acquainted with Renay’s Recording Producer, “DynoVoice” Label Owner Bob Crews. Then after acquiring a Manager by the name of Vince Marc, “THE CHARLETTES” were renamed “THE TOYS”.  After only a few weeks of rehearsal, “THE TOYS” were prepared for The Studio in which four songs were recorded.

“THE TOYS” were vaulted to Immediate Stardom with Their Hit Song, “A LOVER’S CONCERTO”. THAT RECORD SOARED UP THE CHARTS LIKE WILD FIRE. “A LOVER’S CONCERTO” went all the way up to Number 1 on Billboard, Cashbox and Other Charts. “THE TOYS” WERE VERY MUCH IN DEMAND and appeared on Popular Television Shows such as Hullabaloo, Shindig!, American Bandstand, The Joey Bishop and The Mike Douglas Shows. “THE TOYS” were wanted on “The Ed Sullivan Show” as well but had to decline the Invitation in Preparation for their appearance in The Movie, “It’s A Bikini World” aka “The Girl in Daddy’s Bikini”.  This Movie Featured “THE TOYS” performing their second Top 10 Hit, “ATTACK”, which quickly entered The Charts in early 1966.

Last but certainly not least, on July 4, 2010, June was introduced to Rick Sheppard of The Legendary Group, THE DRIFTERS. This introduction led to a new management arrangement between JUNE MONTEIRO’S TOYS and RICK SHEPPARD PRODUCTIONS.

Currently, June, along with Carolyn Harding, and Debor’ah Evans, are hitting the stage again as June Monteiro’s Toys.